Home Health Care & Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for Home Health Services?

Patients receiving home health care must be identified by a medical provider as homebound, meaning:
  • It is difficult to leave your home
  • You need the assistance of another person or equipment to get around the house (walker, wheelchair, crutches, etc.)
  • Your healthcare provider believes that your health or medical condition could worsen by leaving your home
If a medical evaluation determines that you are homebound, you will then receive an order for home health services.

How often will I receive Home Health services?

Home Health is typically covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, MMAI policies, Medicaid and private insurance (i.e. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare). Our intake team can verify your insurance benefits to determine home health coverage. Please be aware that your policy may have a co-pay, require you to use specific home health agencies, and could determine how frequently you are seen.

Will insurance cover home health services?

Our healthcare professionals can come to your home several times weekly depending on your plan of care. Your insurance provider may also dictate the amounts of visits. Each medical professional at Astra Health (RN, PT, OT, etc.) will schedule their individual appointments with you based upon your time availability and preference.

How long can Home Health services last?

Home Health services can take place from several weeks up to several months. A typical episode with Astra Health averages 30 to 60 days. If needed, your primary care provider is responsible for recertification of Home Health services every 60 days. Our clinical team at Astra Health regularly communicates with your provider during the time you receive home health services so they are aware of your progress.